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After studying the situation and analyzing the daily diet, you will find many bad habits that force you to eat more than you need. Let’s say you keep yourself within limits for most of the day, but dinner usually drags on, turning into long weight loss mistakes wallowing on the couch with a bag of chips to a pleasant series. Many are led by the habit of desserts – even satiety does not give a stop signal at the sight of sweets or ice cream. Most (though not all) excess calories are usually carbohydrates: cereals and pastries at breakfast and lunch, rice, potatoes, pasta at dinner, as well as sweets and other snacks.


Program Studi Survey Pemetaan dan Informasi Geografis
Fakultas Ilmu Pendididikan Sosial
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

🔥Proundly Present🔥


Hadir dengan kompetisi yang dapat diikuti siswa SMA/SMK dan sederajat yaitu:
1. Membuat Peta Penggunaan Lahan
2. Membuat Poster
– Pencegahan bencana alam (longsor, banjir, tsunami)
– Lingkungan (kebersihan,pentingnya menjaga hutan)

*Seluruh Peserta akan mendapatkan E-sertifikat
🏆Hadiah lomba sebagai berikut:
Uang pembinaan + serifikat + piala (Juara 1)
Uang pembinaan + serifikat

Pendaftaran dibuka mulai 17-27 Januari 2022
Link Pendaftaran:
1. Lomba membuat peta (
2. Lomba desain poster (

📚Ketentuan karya dapat dilihat pada link:

– 0895703169943 (Pramandito)
– 082118477519 (Shalman)

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